Family Therapy

Resolve conflicts

Improve listening and communication

Rebuild trust

Couples and families come to therapy in the midst of intense conflict and worry. Whether your problems are new or years in the making, one thing is clear: everyone in the family is affected. Family conflicts are often very difficult to solve when you are directly involved. Everyone has their own ideas about what the problem is and what needs to be done about it, but the “solutions” only seem to make the problem worse.

We know how frustrating this can be, and you may be surprised to hear how much we enjoy helping families resolve these sticky situations. We enjoy family work so much because we have such optimism about your ability to resolve very difficult conflicts and change the way your family operates.

With commitment, work, and perseverance most families can shift from a high-conflict, dysfunctional way of interacting to treating each other respectfully, resolving conflicts with win-win results, and honoring each person’s feelings and individuality.

Family therapy is valuable because everyone in the family system is in the room at the same time. No single person’s story dominates the conversation, and family members are held accountable for their actions by other family members. We can even practice resolving conflicts in respectful, direct ways right there in the session, and we are with you every step of the way.

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