CONNECT! – Teen Social Skills Group w/ Marcus Moore

Does your son have trouble making and keeping friends?

My weekly social skills group helps junior-high age boys (age 11-14) gain new social tools and practice interacting with their peers. If your child struggles with social functioning, the CONNECT group may be helpful.


  • TIME


  • Location

    405 East D St
    Suite #105, Petaluma
    CA 94952

  • cost

    $40 per session

  • ages

    11-14 yrs


Call Marcus at (707) 772-5085 for a consultation

The group is limited to 6 members, and sessions are 50 minutes long with a total of 12 sessions.

Each week we follow a fun and engaging format patterned after an evidence-based social-skills program. We review our “homework” from the previous week, discuss how participants have practiced with family or friends, and learn and practice a new social skill.

We also take time for fun group activities to practice playing and interacting together. Positive, timely social risks such as appropriate humor are encouraged, and social missteps are treated as opportunities for learning in a safe and supportive environment.

Topics include:

  • Starting, maintaining, and ending conversations
  • Learning the value of friendships
  • Social anxiety
  • Appropriate hygiene and attire
  • Recognizing social cues
  • Electronic communication
  • Cooperation
  • Handling disagreements
  • Choosing appropriate friends
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Drugs, alcohol, and peer pressure
  • Responding to bullying

Who is a good candidate for the CONNECT social skills group?

If your child has difficulty making and keeping friends, is shy, has trouble recognizing common social cues, has an awkward way of speaking or relating to others, often seems to “miss the joke”, gets upset because he doesn’t “fit in”, or any combination of these difficulties, he may be a good fit for the group.

This group is NOT designed to help anger management, depression, ADHD, or bullying behaviors.

I have met many teens who are capable students and are not prone to acting out or being disruptive, but they struggle greatly with basic social skills that are crucial to surviving and thriving in today’s world.
Social skills can make the difference between connection and isolation, a sense of belonging vs. loneliness and resentment. As your child grows older, basic social skills can make or break friendships, employment opportunities, and have a major impact on finding, or not finding, a life partner.
Parents of teens with social problems sometimes find it difficult to obtain adequate services for their children, who may not qualify for school services and do not draw as much attention from adults as teens who are acting out violently, failing school, or causing major disruption.
This weekly meeting offers a much-needed and affordable resource for teens to learn under the instruction of an experienced counselor. The group format provides opportunities not only for instruction and teaching, but for real-time practice with peers who are close in age to your child.
Call or email me to schedule a free phone consultation to see if my social skills group is a good fit for your child.